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Our Mega Bundles bring the world to the homeschooling parents and the homeschooling parents to you!

Join our bundles, shine the light on your work

and grow your business!

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I am so excited that you are here!

And since you are here, the chances are that you are one of the amazing creators of educational printables! And if that is true, then you are in the right place!

We love working with talented people, showcasing their beautiful work to our large audience of homeschooling families all while supporting them along the way!

So, welcome on board!

If you are ready to jump and send us your appliction to our next bundle, just click the link below!

If you are unsure, then look around and feel free to send me your questions!


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Why work with us?

We've been serving the homeschooling community with our Mega Bundles since March 2019 and have established ourselves as the leading brand for quality homeschooling educational printables.

We love the homeschooling community just as much as we love working with our creators and affiliates.

By joining us, you will be joining an established brand and community of fellow creators! Your work will be seen by thousands of people worldwide and you will also earn the highest commission and cut of the author's pool!

Our marketing pack will make your life super easy too.

We make your promotion a piece of cake...

or should I say muffin, like that one over there?!


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Your beautiful work will be seen by thousands of customers.

This year we prepared new bundle releases alongside our usual quarterly Mega Bundles.

You can join us for the following bundles:

  • Spring Mega Bundle (all ages) - March 15 - 22
  • Summer Mega Bundle (all ages) - June
  • Elementary Mega Bundle - July
  • Fall Mega Bundle - Sept 25 - Oct 4
  • Winter Mega Bundle (all ages) - November 8 - 17
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Where will your light shine?

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How does it work?


Fill out the quick application form

Our simple initial application form makes it quick and easy to apply.


Get approved

Once we received your application form, you will hear back from us within a few days. If you are approved (yay!!!), we will send you the submission form for our next bundle with all the necessary info.


Submit your printables

Once you finished your printable, you will be asked to upload your PDF, images and videos (if you have any) to our drives.


Receive the marketing pack and join our marketing groups


Promote the bundle

This is where the fun begins! Your promotion will be supported by all the wonderful marketing assets our marketing team and photographers will put together!



Get paid

Once the sale is over, we will be busy getting all those commissions paid out to you. You will be paid 65% on each sale you bring in plus an equal cut of the author's pool*!

Repeat steps 3 - 6 for our next bundles!

Enjoy the ride and join us for the next bundle by repeating the steps 3-6!

Author’s pool is calculated as 10% of all net sales generated by contributors + 25% of all net sales generated by affiliates. This is then divided by the number of contributors.

What about marketing?

We sprinkle a little bit of this and a little bit of that to create a beautiful marketing pack full of exciting marketing assets ready to be used by you! It's as easy as copy and paste with a few adjustments here and there!

Before the launch you will be invited to join one of our Marketing Groups on Instagram and Facebook where you will receive a pre-planned marketing schedule and assets such as:

  • email newsletter templates
  • Instagram and Facebook captions
  • hundreds of professional photos
  • videos in different formats
  • Instagram and Facebook images
  • Instagram reels
  • Instagram and Facebook stories

Each day we will check in with you via our groups with tips and suggestions on what to focus on. We will cheer you on along the way and will be there to help you with any questions you might have.

We also take care of any and every questions the customers have, so you do not have to worry about that!

Oh! And we also have fun prizes during the sales week in the form of mini competitions that you can join and win instant cash prizes!

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"Anita is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is kind, helpful, professional, and fair.

Working with her has been a blessing."



A few words from our creators:

"Working with Anita at mega bundles has been a joy I am so glad I’ve met her. As a home educator and designer she’s giving me the opportunity to really excel and fulfil my work skills and give me the exposure that I need throughout social media to sell my products. She’s like a lifeline that supports us as a family with our home educating journey for my child. She’s so organised and reliable and without her it would be a different story so thank you Anita!"

"I started working with Anita as an affiliate for the Mega Bundles almost 2 years ago and she has completely changed my life. I am now starting as a contributor and she has guided me through every step I took, and any questions I had. Anita is not only an amazing person to work with but she will always go above and beyond for your needs. I will forever be grateful for everything she has done for me!"



"It’s been an amazing journey working with Anita, I’ve learned so much from her, I feel she gives me all the tools I need to excel in this project.

It’s been an honor to be able to work with such an amazing community of people that want to create wonderful resources for children."



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